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Iván Harón Sánchez

After ten years as a manager in marketing selling the products and services of third parties, Ivan decided to work on his own works and studied illustration at the "La Escuela de Arte número diez" in Madrid. A right decision. Today Ivan is a sought-after children's book illustrator, designs book covers and takes on commissions for facade design. He also draws on classics such as Klee and Mondrian. A range that is already reflected in the choice of working tools: from watercolors, ink, collage technique to completely digital works, everything can be found. In his illustrations he uses the power of imagination, composing dreamlike sequences. In doing so, Iván avoids too obvious punch lines, preferring to use the repertoire of surrealism. Born in San Sebastian, his center of life today is in the Spanish capital.

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References: Editorial Group Planeta, Aedas Homes, Heineken, El, Muevetulengua, Gremi de editores de Cataluña, La Gran Belleza, Salvador Tóximo, Carena, Círculo rojo, Mayor que cero, Capital Development

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