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Reinhard Gussmagg

Understanding the visions and goals of people and organizations and making them tangible as well as visible: these are the demands of the visual language specialist, Reinhard. Through years of experience in international sales & marketing, he speaks the language of managers and understands the artist’s craft. He has owned his company, GUSSMAGG-art, since 2014, where he works as a designer and artist as well as a graphic facilitator and management coach. In addition to corporate visual communication, his passion is modern illustration and painting. He likes to combine his love of travel with international projects and the search for the perfect image.

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References: Microsoft, SAP, Mercedes, Spar, Atomic, Fischer, ACP, B4B Solutions, Knapp AG, NXP, BEKO, Styria Medien AG, Veritas, Verbund, Energie Steiermark, next incubator, Steiermärkische Sparkasse, Kärntner Sparkasse, Raiffeisen, Energie Burgenland, EVN, Philips, Next sense, Silicon Alps, Greentech Cluster, Creative Industries Styria, all for one Group, Karstadt, Uhlmann, DAW, Rentschler Biopharma, Prym

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