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Tamzin Merivale

The Irish artist Tamzin Merivale cites no less than the pillars for a successful life as essential sources of inspiration for her artistic work: Friendship, Culture, Communication and Love. Her emblematic graphics are reduced to the essentials and adorn, among other things, the album covers of various jazz formations or enjoy the popularity of their fan base as high-quality fabric designs. With her energetic portraits, in a mixed technique of photography and graphics, she makes the essence of the portrayed visible in an enchanting way. The self-understanding of art as therapy runs like a thread through the oeuvre. This is art whose concern is not least to convey to its viewers an awareness of their own inner strength. Tamzin never remains in her own echo chamber, which once led to her decision to study international development. After years as a gallery owner in Florence, Tamzin moved to Graz in 2020, determined to consistently form her professional identity here. For this purpose, her own biography flows in again and again. She also consciously uses personal crisis situations as a driving force for creative processes. For some time now, Tamzin has also been active as an author, and if there is a heading for her cosmos, it is self-empowerment for a successful life.

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